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Manos 1 year ago
Perfect position, half up and down, hands restrained, legs wide open. Camera on full front view. Excellent.
More of her please 6 years ago
I love the way her swollen clit looks and the way she takes that fist. You can tell by her delicious orgasm how much she loves it.
*Whoever said she has warts is blind. That's candle wax you wankers.
Tesla 6 years ago
Want to fuck this fat bitches hot wet cunt with a large baseball bat make her cunt squirt hard
No warts. 8 years ago
Those are drops of candle wax, not warts, you fucking idiots.
john. 9 years ago
I want to do the same to her, someone find her, she's fantastic
cum luva 10 years ago
she's got a very inviting cunt
Kat 3 years ago
What a wonderful, lovely lady. Very nice pussy
jessica 7 years ago
I loved that guy so much. Heis so kind tho! :)
jkhsd 12 years ago
she could use a paper bag over her head but the fisting is great
Doortje. 1 month ago
Mmmm great session...