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wow people.. 7 years ago
Good votes: 359
Bad votes: 333
Can someone please bash my head in with a fucking rock so I don't have to live on a planet with 359 other fucktards?
Plpl 6 years ago
Fucking idiots. What did you looking for? This is not for weak minds.
Nana 7 years ago
That is fucked up. Who would ever like such comics!?
4 years ago
What was this ?? I have no words.
JESUS7SAVES 5 years ago
meat man 6 years ago
cant read some of the comics
Plpl 6 years ago
Go to "teens" mother fuckers.
if you thought this was great 8 years ago
Youre not the only one
So yeah 9 years ago
Is it wrong that I came REALLY hard watching and reading this. TOo bad the print was so small. It was very difficult to read. Still nutted nonetheless.
Sexybaby27 6 years ago
I fucking hate your guts eater I'm a girl