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Creepery 1 year ago
RIP Dakota skye...
Logic of the logic 6 years ago
You really wanna find logic in a porn video?
Captain Obvious 6 years ago
"A petite blonde is tied to the bed and fucked while being filmed" No shit she's being filmed how else do we have the video did the uploader even stop to consider the title for a second LOL.
Trevor condon 5 years ago
I'm married to a fat chick.. I dream of fucking a friend of mine for years. She's around 100lb and sexy as hell.. she's moving away soon. Should I ask her for a goodbye fuck.. I told her before that I jerk off to her in the shower every day and she said " that's hot":)
Idk 6 years ago
Did he ever fox the sink
ZUZOKE 6 years ago
wtf 5 years ago
another faggot jerking himself i just dont get it. why guys use their hands.. feel better than the girl's? loll wtf
James R. 8 years ago
Think I'd just would've ate her out...
Alfie 1 year ago
nine years ago... that was my favourite video
Ajay 3 years ago
Very hot sex